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Sunday, 14 October 2012



I have added a new blog to my list which piques both my spiritual as well as historical interests. Written by John Sanidopoulos, it introduces a word I had not heard of before. He describes it thus :

"Literally, "mystagogy" (pronounced mys-ta-go-gē) means leading those who have been initiated into a mystery into its deeper meaning and significance.

The early Church appropriated this term to refer to what was done during the great fifty days from Easter to Pentecost when they were leading newly-illumined converts into a deeper appreciation of the Sacred and Divine Mysteries they were experiencing (particularly through their Baptism and participation in the Eucharist) as it related to how they would live their lives and die their deaths."

An interesting site that looks at the mysteries of Orthodox Christianity both new and ancient. Check it out.

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