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Friday, 13 February 2015

'Lost Kingdom' found in Scotland

Pottery from Africa found in a burnt-out fortress in Galloway hints at a 'lost' Dark Ages kingdom that may even have been born of an alliance between Britons and Picts.

Remarkably, a Pictish carved stone at the fort's entrance shows two entwined symbols which could have been evidence of an alliance between Britons and Picts, possibly through a ‘royal’ marriage.

A shard of sixth century pottery from Africa also found at the site shows it could only have been home to someone of ‘the very highest status’, like a King.
The Picts were a savage tribe who lived north of the Firth of Forth - very few Pictish stones have ever been found outside their traditional territory.

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  1. mm Trusty`s Hill huh , I wonder why nobody "dare" suggest the carving depicts the marriage of Arthur and Guinevere , Certainly looks like it to me ! Or even and-or Drystan ap Tallwych ! known to us as Tristan , his Marriage to Iseult isnt abad thought as Irelands not far away from there. His Uncle Meirchion may have had the other fortress at the Mote of Mark. Great site Dane ! all the best ... Stephen Holden.