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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Dark Age TV - Britain AD by Dr. Francis Pryor

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  1. Hi

    I am also an IT consultant with an interest in history, but the history of English, and particularly why Brythonic Celtic was dropped in its entirety for Old Saxon.

    Of course this is where the discussion hets interesting, since there are clear influences of Celtic on modern English, but the question is how and when did this come about?

    I saw Francis Pryors Britain AD part 3, and he suggested there was no invasion, but I think his evidence was slim, and doesnt account for the complete replacement of Brythonic with Old Saxon,and it was a complete replacement since the very Old English is pure Old Saxon as compared to later Old English which is very much different.

    The question is how did Old English change and what were the influences? Well I think the mixing with Old Norse with the ensuingv simplification as one of the key steps, and I think that since the Brythinic speakers were the principle members of the Chruch, ie, at this time the Christians were the Brytonics.

    So when the Danes and Angles started to adopt christianity a comon language developed, which had to be comprehensible by both groups, and was developed by people with a Celtic past. This mixes Old Saxon, Old Norse, and Brythionic Celtic, andx gives the language present across much of England just before the Noran invasion.

    Anyway, an interesting period. Get in touch because I would like to dig into this more and would like to hear your views on this. You can get me on Remove the NO_SPAM.